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Big Voodoo Doco204 viewsThe mojo elf. A sample of the Big Voodoo leather armor in World of Warcraft.
One of THE funniest moments :)247 viewsWe were spending the day in the swamps killing Raven Wraiths and Siabras (very 'purple' and resistant) by using Jarale's focus shield heehee. Well with one famous pull, the underhill went down like a stone and wiped us except for Affrell and Sleiyn (our healers...hmmm). Sleiyn was last seen kitting the wraiths away and ended up running all around the entire swamp trying to shake one off, only to run through a huge nest of 'blue' crabs. It was a loooooong time before we saw him again. As we were rezzing we watched the drama unfold as his health bar dropped, stopped, dropped, stopped, dropped, stopped...
Hollerell.jpg105 viewsHollerell in the early days
The Shire133 viewsKyrian thinks about adventuring from Ered Luin into the Shire ...
Waterfall in Rivendell218 viewsThis is why Glorfindel chose to stand in his spot
Mountains of the North Downs169 viewsA small fellowship, light on experience and heavy on derring-do, hike up to the mountain barriers between North Downs and Angmar
Lonely road in the Lone Lands153 viewsSomewhere down this road is Rivendell... the Lonely Mountain even, maybe

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80 viewsMay 07, 2010
Sparring Storeroom Stables54 viewsForeground, left to right: Valdir Carver, Vonne, Raven Darkwater, Elrond.
Background, left to right: Lurik, Nightfall, Sypyguy.
Loft, left to right: Axiom D'Rune, Cobalt, Lady Gray.
Jan 20, 2009
Que's Tavern64 viewsLeft to right: Jyrthan Vingaard, Hodur Blindaguden, Slayne Barrag, Thalianshadara, Yale Mistraven, Anatoly Kryczech, Raina, Robin Solic, Swanic Ultrakryp, Ruden Solic, Alyssia Kanath, Quej, Puck Rembrandt, Kyrian Koven.Jan 20, 2009
Spiritwood Forest61 viewsForeground: Kvasir Silverwyn.
Campfire, left to right: Jerec Kanath, Vincent Kanath, Sybeus, Spellsinger, Hawkwind.
Background, left to right: Tynnian Silverleaf, Rand Dunthers.
Jan 20, 2009
Lonely road in the Lone Lands153 viewsSomewhere down this road is Rivendell... the Lonely Mountain even, maybeNov 18, 2007
Budgeford on Bywater166 viewsDusk and dawn are my favoritesNov 18, 2007
A tributary of the Brandywine264 viewsAnother early shot with new graphics. My eye keeps getting drawn in by the bear on the left with the dramatically long shadow.Nov 18, 2007
Crickhollow195 viewsEarly shot in the Shire with the new graphics settings: Individual leaf shadows!Nov 18, 2007